Here are some supplies to have handy as you kick off your Keto weight loss program. You might already have some of them around your house! For more detailed information about starting the Keto Diet, be sure to read my Getting Started guide.


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It might sound obvious, but be sure to have a scale handy so that you can measure your progress. You should be weighing yourself, unclothed, at the same time every day (first thing in the morning is ideal). If you don’t already own a scale, I use and recommend the Tanita HD-366 scale and I would also recommend any of their other scales here on Amazon as they are all excellent and accurate.

Ketogenic supplements

Ketogenic Supplements such as Keto OS or Perfect Keto (see flavors and current price on Amazon), are powder supplements that I recommend adding to your Keto diet. These powders provide you with an exogenous ketone source that is designed to help you stay in ketosis (i.e. your fat-burning state). They come in several great flavors (orange cream, chocolate, and mixed berry) and can be added to water, to tea/coffee as a creamer, or to something such as coconut cream and then chilled to make a delicious Keto dairy-free dessert. Some flavors have caffeine, while some do not.

On first glance, these do look expensive, but when you do the math on a monthly supply, it comes out to about the cost of a cup of coffee (depending how much you drink). Make sure you check the weight of the Keto products you’re interested in purchasing. The ‘Perfect Keto’ brand comes in a small container, whereas the ‘Keto OS’ brand comes in a large tub and ends up being cheaper in the long run; e.g. the Perfect Keto chocolate is about half the cost of the Keto OS orange, but comes in a 8.4oz container, while the Keto OS orange comes in a large 23.6oz tub.  I use half a scoop of the Keto OS caffeinated orange in my 32oz water bottle with lots of ice every morning, and as I’m only using half a scoop per day, my 23.6oz tub of Keto OS (which contains 30 full scoops) lasts me about two months.

While my husband and I initially started drinking these specifically during our Keto diet, we’ve really enjoyed the added benefits they bring to improving our energy, our mood, our sleep and our ability to focus. It’s also helped me get out of the funk of exhaustion that I fell into after my daughter was born. After several days of drinking the supplement, I was able to return to my pre-motherhood level of energy and focus. At the time, this was a miracle! We’ve now we’ve been drinking these every day for almost 2 years – even when not being strict with the Keto diet / focused ketosis.  For most people, it does take time for the effects of these products to kick in and you might have to experiment with how much to drink each day. So, don’t expect to feel like a Superhero after one drink!

keto friendly beverages perfect keto


Ketone Test Strips

Ketone Test Strips, like the ones made by Perfect Keto, are used to measure the levels of ketones (your state of ketosis) while on the keto diet. Why is this important? As your body enters a state of ketosis, it switches from depending on carbohydrates for energy, to burning fats for fuel. As the body metabolizes this fat, ketones are created. Keto Strips will help you uncover what foods might be taking you out of ketosis and how long it takes you to get back into it.

Protein Shake Supplies



Blender (for your protein Shakes!)

Some of the best meals to have on (any) diet, are protein shakes. If made with the right ingredients, as I cover in my protein shake recipe here, a protein shake can be a filling and complete meal that does not take much time to make. Of course, a blender is needed to blend those up! I own and recommend the Ninja 1100 Watt, as it’s specifically designed for making smoothies and comes with 2 smoothie cups so I can make 2 at a time. My husband has had a protein smoothie for breakfast every morning for the past 15 years – so this blender has gotten a lot of use! They have many other great blenders here.



Detox Program/Supplements (recommended)
I recommend doing a detox during your first 3-4 weeks to clean out your system. By helping your  body to get rid of toxic waste; to improve your digestive system; and to nourish the liver, detoxification is like hitting a reset button for your body and can greatly increase our chances of success with our eating program and jump-start our body for a more active, healthier life. I talk more about the importance of a detox here.

There are many great detoxes out there. A successful detox program that my husband and I use is the Red Tea Detox. To get a $20 discount on the Red Tea Detox, please click here.*

The Red Tea Detox

For an additional detox supplement to have on-hand, we add a scoop of VegeCleanse Pea Protein Detox (See current price Amazon) directly to our protein shake. It’s a powerful supplement, and provides an excellent way to “cleanse up” after “cheating” on your diet with a little extra sweets. (Of course, we never do that!)

Baking Supplies

almond flour
xantham gum
erythritol (sweetener)


Keto Drinks (nonalcoholic)

Ketogenic supplements,  like those from Keto OS or Perfect Keto (referenced above)
Coffee and tea
Sparkling Water, Seltzer, and Club Soda
Juice Alternatives, like Powerade Zero and Vitamin Water Zero
Non diary milk like unsweetened coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, cashew milk
Keto Smoothies

Read more about what you can drink on Keto here.


Keto Drinks (alcoholic)

Hard liquor and unsweetened wines are some alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy on the ketogenic diet, of course, in moderation. Beer is not recommended, but an occasional light beer is OK.

What are the best Keto alcoholic drinks?
Dark liquors (scotch, whiskey), Tequilas, Rums, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Red wine.

What about the best Keto cocktails?
Martini, Manhattan, Gin Rickey and Blood Mary. If you can find a sugar-free version of your favorite margarita or mojito, those should work too!


Learn more about Keto supplements options on Amazon.

keto friendly beverages perfect keto